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K2 Funding Group
PO Box 17382
Seattle WA 98127
206.301.9886 fax

D&B #: 94-533-4134
WA State UBI #: 601781488
City of Seattle #: 507019

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K2 Funding Group

Programs and Options

  • $20,000 to $5,000,000
  • 100% Financing – including sales tax, freight, software and installation
  • New and Used Equipment
  • Payment Deferral Program – skip 90 or 60 days before regular monthly payments begin, let the equipment get to work before payments begin
  • Equipment Loans – Conditional Sale
  • True Leases & TRAC Leases
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Seasonal Payments – payments can be set annually or quarterly depending on the seasonality of business cycles or use of the equipment
  • Multiple Suppliers – many of our client bundle multiple suppliers onto one contract
  • Step Up Program
    The first 6 months of the lease are priced 50% of the regular monthly payment. Allows customer to hold down expenses during the early part of the lease when the equipment may be less productive. This plan maximizes benefits, as compared to cost, during the early years of equipment use.
  • Step Down Program
    Higher payments during the beginning of the lease and lower payments, (usually one half the amount), later in the term when the equipment start to deplete its value and effectiveness.
  • Seasonal Payment Plan
    This program provides for 3 consecutive months each year with no payments and 9 months with regular payments. Providing businesses with seasonal business cycles to match expenses with activity. Perfect for companies with cycles of higher and lower revenue generation on an annual basis.
  • 60 Day Deferral Program
    One or two payments in advance and then skip the next 60 days before regular monthly payments begin. Let the equipment get to work before payments commence.
  • 90 Day Deferral OR 90 Day Contact Plan
    Start the lease with one payment and have no payments for 90 days. Then begin a regular monthly lease term. Lets the equipment begin generating revenue before the customer begins making payments. OR: $25 per/mo for the first 3 months followed by the regular monthly payments